This knife was exclusively designed for trimming the Gecko Skin.

A special guide on the metal base allows an easy cutting of the Gecko skin and without displacing of the skin the edge gets free. It depends on the angular position of the blade during the cutting of the Gecko Skin how extensive the free edge appears.

Very simply, quickly, accurately and precisely at each cut of Gecko Skins.

If you lift the red anchor from the black handle, this lever can be swiveled down to the red dot, push down and unscrew the silver metal base subsequently.

Should one of the 4 corners of the reserve blade no longer cut well, it is recommended to bookmark this side. Then you turn the blade side and swing the metal table back into its initial position, press the red button to lock the lower part again. Then the red lever is moved back to the starting position. Should all sides be blunt, simply insert a new reserve blade.