The standard clamping system in the current Gecko skins enables even flatter sheet receiving, thereby undermining the snow between ski base and coating is prevented.

The small hole spacing at the subsequent and rivetfree 2 Components flap, enable a tailored and accurate mounting for each ski length.

The blue PE gecko paws have a special inner guide which anchor themselves in conventional touring with a recess at the rear end of the ski and make slipping during the tour impossible.

Especially for freeride, Twin Tip, etc. have no rear recess and are rounded, are most clamping systems torment because they can very easily slip. Here at Blue Gecko paw the 2K flap is pulled down, the resulting a slip minimized the ski.

Once adjusted to the correct length of the ski, is an on and take off the skins by the new system for women-friendly clamping system of all time.