Over the last 10 years the Austrian company MP Sports developed and tested the unique and first adhesion skin worldwide. This revolution is the front runner in field of adhesion skins.

The Gecko adhesion skin is a ski touring skin, which has never been available before. It is undoubtedly the only commercially available skin without glue.

Over the past 30 years there has been entirely no innovations concerning the touring skin industry. The invention of the glue skin was a sensation at that time and a big step in the right direction. Unfortunately, since then further innovations have failed to materialize. Since we are enthusiastic hikers, we wanted to halt this stagnation regarding touring sports.

The biggest problem with an old glue skin is without questions the glue. It extremely sticks to each other, possibly ruptures and by the large fluctuations in temperature of + 20 ° to -30 ° in the course of winter it comes to different problems.

All skin manufacturers have to fight with the same problems, but difficulties are there to be solved! For this reason, we developed the new and glue less adhesion skin with the animal world as a model.

GECKO - the original - is a worldwide innovation and takes a stand against the glue skins.

Gecko Standard Skin
Adhesion coating with 100% mohair
The Gecko standard Skin with adhesive coating and 100% mohair.
Through 100% mohair, climbing and gliding properties of the extra class succeed.
Gecko Standard Fell - (Meterware)
Adhäsionsbeschichtung mit 100% Mohair
The Gecko standard Skin with adhesive coating and 100% mohair.
Through 100% mohair, climbing and gliding properties of the extra class succeed.
Gecko Race Touring 2016 blue
Optimized gliding without losses
The Gecko Race skin with adhesion coating and 100% blue mohair. Optimized gliding compared to the standard skin and ideal for racers.
Gecko Race Skin 2016
Optimized gliding properties without losses
The Gecko Race Skin with adhesive coating and 100% mohair.
Optimized gliding properties compared to standard and best suited for racers.
Gecko Splitboard Skin
Special Gecko Skin for Splitboards
A special Gecko Skin for splitboards with red adhesion coating and green mohair.
Gecko Rolling Stock
For self-realization
Perfect alternative to the preparation for any length of ski.
Gecko Clamping System - Front 2016
Fits on all popular ski tips
The new and proprietary PE paw for the best grip.
Gecko Clamping System - back 2016
Fits on all popular ski ends
The standard clamping system in the current Gecko skins enables even flatter sheet receiving, thereby undermining the snow between ski base and coating is prevented.
2K flap
2 component flap
In this rubber dam a flowing transition from the solid sheet receiving the soft rubber strap rivets free is processed technology by 2 components.
The sheet receiving can be poured extremely flat.
Clip for 2K flap
For all popular touring freeride twin tip skis
This specially shaped clip works for all major touring Freeride or twin tip skis with or without rear recess. Also on round ending this unique clamping system works with a perfect finish and maintenan...
Gecko Knife
Gecko knife - Automatic edge cutting free
This knife was exclusively designed for trimming the Gecko Skins.
Gecko one way knife
Gecko one way knife
With this knife you do not need to move the Gecko when cutting,
since this specially developed knife cuts the edge free.
Spare Rivets + Spare Screw Rivets
Spare Rivets + Spare Screw Rivets for Twin Tip
This Spare Rivets are specially designed for the skin uptake of the Gecko Clamping Systems. The Spare Screw Rivets are intended for Twin Tip System.