Tyrolean Innovation Award 2009
20 September 2009
A touring skin without glue.
For its glueless touring skins cluster member Michael Puelacher received the Innovation Award.
Haller Lokalanzeiger
9 March 2011
The sensational skin from Hall in Tyrol.
Even as a small business you can reach your goals in the sports industry.
Tiroler Tageszeitung Nr. 309
10 November 2009
18.000€ for bright minds
A ski touring skin without glue, a heat-project and new PV modules are of Tyrol best innovations.
ORF Tirol Heute
5 November 2009
Gecko Skin Report
A skin that adheres at the ski like a gecko on the tree. A revolutionary skin.
Radio Tirol
14 November 2009
Gecko Skin Report
Know Geckos? The adhesion power of these lizards is impressive and exactly this principle now applies in a novel touring skin.
Tiroler Tageszeitung
5 November 2015
About the Gecko Skins
Puelacher invented the first glue-free skins in the world. Thus, they are more user-friendly, according to the inventor. "Through adhesion the skin adheres on the ski," says the inventor. A layer base...