7 February 2016

10 years GECKO

The climbing skin of very high quality is based on the novel principle of adhesionGlobally, MP Sports is the only manufacturer of the legendary and patented Gecko climbing skin, which is represented on the market for many years.



The adhesive layer without glue is temperature resistant from -70 to + 250 °C. Compared to conventional climbing skins, this unique and patented coating has a number of advantages:

  1. The Gecko climbing skin adheres on every surface conditions and on waxed skis.
  2. Silicone prevents absorption of moisture in the back, which never would happen by using an old glue skin.
  3. Separating the folded climbing skin is easily possible with only two fingers.
  4. Repeated putting on and taking off is possible under any conditions.
  5. In case of adhesive layer damage it is of course possible to get a post-coating.
  6. The skin can be merged without a protective film. This is the very reason why the Gecko climbing skins are light years ahead of the glue skins.
  7. Environmental influences like moisture and snow are no longer relevant when taking the skin off. Ice crystals can be easily removed by hand heat or by carefully pulling on the ski edge. Afterwards you can immediately put the skin on.
  8. Any contaminations such as pine needles can be easily removed by cleaning with lukewarm water and soap using a soft sponge. Thus, the adhesive layer is regenerated each time by itself. Not to mention the hygiene which has been restored.
  9. The cutting of the coat is very easy because no glue is present.
  10. Full 2 year guarantee on the coating!



One reason for such a very long life!

The lamination is applied nationwide. Hence, a 100% moisture absorption at the lateral edges and on the support material of mohair is prevented. Through this layer the mohair hair is involved. Therefore the tearing of hair is impossible.

The burning is not required by the nationwide lamination after cutting of the side edges, since there is no fraying.



The 100% mohair hair is woven in an inclined position of 45 °, thereby to prevent tilting in the rise and achieves the best movement – and ascent – properties.

A special dip impregnation seals the mohair fabric, thus to prevent a long term moisture absorption at the back fabric. For this reason, the sticking of the snow is suppressed.

Due to the glue-free silicone coating a prolonged post-impregnation is only with Gecko skins possible by using an iron at about 100 ° on the mohair hair. This provides a deep effect on the fabric of the Mohair and again the sticking of the snow is stopped.

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