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Webvideo-Guide / Cut the ski skin yourself

A pattern is provided in order to cut the ski skin yourself. The belt strap with the end hook should not affixed to the mohair, but rather on the adhesive surface of the coated side!

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„Backcountry Skiing...

... for some it’s about testing one’s athletic abilibites by climbing sunny peaks, for others it’s about the ultimate rush of the steep descent in untouched snow; but for all it’s probably more about feeling free from stress and the hectic pace of daily life and experiencing pure nature!

A ski-skin has to stand up to extreme cold as well as exposure to heat, rough and dirt covered terrain, water and other stress factors that create difficult conditions. And not all skins are created equal.

After first struggeling with tension skins, the past 30 years gave rise to glue-skins with all their advantages and disadvantages.

Finally there is real innovation in the world of backcountry-skiing!
The Gecko Adhesion Skin!

It securely holds on to the ski without glue, just like a Gecko can hold on to the ceiling.


How to attach and detach the skin

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Here's how to setup Gecko climbing skins with your Burton splitboard, with classic and tail hook systems. Enjoy!

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